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Tax Deductions

Tax Deduction: You might be surprised what you can claim as non-taxable expenses for your business. If you are an entertainer, model, or work in a related field, be sure to open this document.

Tax Planning Guides

Our annual tax planning guides help you review annual taxes before year-end, in an effort to discover potential tax-saving and financial planning opportunities.

2017 Tax Planning Guide


NY Tax Preparer Brochure Firm Brochure: Review the services offered by the firm, such as tax planning and preparation, personal and business management, estate planning, retirement planning, and payroll and sales tax services.

State and Local Taxes Brochure NY State and Local Taxes Brochure: We offer tax audit representation, appeals in compromise, multi-state Nexus studies, and tax planning and compliance consulting.

Trust and Estate Group Brochure Trust and Estate Group Brochure: We offer estate and trust consulting and planning, estate, trust and gift tax preparation, estate inventory preparation, and more.

Trust and Estate Group Brochure Family Office Services Brochure: We go beyond the standard wealth management functions to provide clients with a variety of services, such as tax compliance work, bookkeeping and financial education, among others.


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