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How NOT to Handle a NYS Sales Tax Audit

As you scan the recent New York State Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) court determinations, it seems that there will always be cases involving sales tax audits of cash businesses. These include delis, salad bars or restaurants, and a common theme is that the business does not have complete records. A commonly omitted item is cash […]

Tax Audit Success

Residency Audit: Client Saved $2 million

This office has just completed a New York State Residency audit which was referred to us by another CPA. The issue was statutory residency. Statutory residency is where you have a primary residence (domicile) outside of New York, but also have a residence in New York, and spend […]

Supreme Court Decision on Maryland case May effect New York’s Resident Credit

The Wynne case – a Maryland case – involved the credit for taxes paid to other states (Resident Credit).

All states that have an income tax, charge their residents tax on all of their income. If the taxpayer earns income from other states, they also have to pay a nonresident tax to the other state […]

Brian Gordon, CPA Recently Interviewed for Forbes Magazine

Brian Gordon, CPA, Director of State and Local Taxes at Sanders, Thaler Viola & Katz, LLP, was recently interviewed for a Forbes Magazine article on actor Robert Redford’s reported New York State tax trouble.

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